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In order to meet the necessities of the laboratories, incubators need to be designed and manufactured in a way that makes them ideal for the incubation purpose. HMG designed incubators are paralleled with Biochemical Oxygen demand incubators that are available in both large and medium sizes.

The ideal incubation device is in the form of Walk-In chamber (Incubator/ Cooling/Humidity) that are available in different varieties in order to fulfil any necessary requirements.

  • Usually, there are no parameters for measuring humidity or even controlling it but the HMG manufactured Walk-in chamber version of the Walk in Humidity is the stability chamber that allows for temperature and humidity control.
  • Walk in cooler makes sure that the temperature is within a specified range and uniform. They can also be set to a sub-zero temperature along with the below ambient temperature.
  • For those substances or things that need to be stores in an above ambient temperature, the Walk in Incubator is the ideal choice.
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    Design and Manufacturing of Walk In Chamber (Incubator / Cooling / Humidity)

    The Walk In Chamber (Incubator / Cooling / Humidity) designed so that the panels have a specific light weight that are made available in different sizes in order to meet their applications requirement. The thickness has been provided in five sizes, that ranges from 60mm to 150mm in order to ensemble along with their application. Customer satisfaction and usability while installing the product requires that the height be made available in different sizes and the height of HMG Walk-In Chamber (Incubator / Cooling / Humidity) starts from 2.8 metres and goes all the way up to 4.6 metres. The manufacturing with width has been done in three sizes that are 600mm, 900mm and the 1000mm variant. The chambers are pre-painted 24 G, CRCA and given a stainless-steel finish, an aluminium finish or a finish of GI Powder Coat.

    The chamber that is walk-in and allows for different purposes such as managing the humidity, cooling and the incubation are designed to be portable with light weight that can be fabricated into any specific size that matches the requirement. Not only can it be repositioned but also enlarged and as well as dismantled.

  • The Walk In Chamber (Incubator / Cooling / Humidity) is completely resistant to chemicals and any kind of chemical agents which prevents them from suffering any kind of reaction that results in damage.
  • The panels are also made to be both exceptional fire retardant and water resistant.
  • The longevity due to the sturdy manufacturing requires minimal maintenance.
  • The tight fit due of the moulded panels reduces heat transfer
  • The Hardware are provided by foreign suppliers and hence of optimal quality
  • The bonus advantage provided is the facility that allows data recording of several kinds.