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When handling hazardous volatile substances, radioactive materials, aerosols or dusts, protection should be the top priority, and thus these operations must be performed in a fume chamber. HMG India's highest rated Fume Chambers not only achieve the best results in every relevant test, but even deliver ergonomic benefits to the user that makes the work processes safe and easier.

Our line of fume chambers exemplifies the principles of aerodynamics and sound engineering at all the sash openings. It comes with durable stainless steel (SS) linear inner chamber with uniquely designed shelving system to accommodate large samples and maximize the fuming capacity even while using low level of Alpha & Beta particles. It also offers containment performance equivalent to a low velocity fume chamber for exceptional outcome. We provide different kinds of MOC, ranging from metal, wood and plastic to meet the specific application requirements of our clients.

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Manufacture and Design of Fume Chamber

What are the specifications?
  • Double Skin Sandwich Construction
  • Outer Metallic Prime GI / CRCA Coated with Epoxy Powder
  • Exteriors Laminated with Wooden Marine Plywood & Seasoned Teakwood Frame
  • 5mm Thick Dully Framed Safety Glass Operated by Steel String
  • PVC/PP Table Top

  • How is the standard design?
  • The outer body is constructed from a metallic prime GI / CRCA with epoxy powder coated finish
  • The interiors are made from brushed stainless steel (SS) of grade 316 / 316L / 304, and lined with a cement sheet dully epoxy coating.
  • The table work space is made from S. Steel / Laminate / Jet Black Granite / PP FRP / Alkali Resistant / PP GL surface to create a strong workspace.
  • The models having under bench come with a provision of storing LPG cylinder, and have a middle shelf and shutter.

  • What are the optimal features?
  • Microprocessor based control automates the fuming chamber for maximum performance without any disruptions.
  • Temperature sensor to monitor the temp in the interiors and alarm when given limit value exceeds.
  • Ceramic, stainless steel, PVC sink along with a water line operated via a Swan neck tap.
  • Programmable sockets with electrical points of 5 / 15 Amp , along with remote control knobs for LPG / Water / Vacuum Lines (optional)
  • Low noise centrifugal blower made from PPGL having FRP lining with balanced polypropylene impeller powered by Single Phase / Three Phase standard electric motors.
  • Ducting of 3mm thick or 6mm thick PPGL lined that supports various fittings such as Reducers, Bend, Motor Guard, Canopy, Flanges and more
  • What are the optional accessories?
  • Under Bench Storage Space
  • Base Cabinetry
  • Additional Electrical Outlets