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Viscosity is primarily used to denote the degree of fluidity of a particular fluid. Higher the rate at which a liquid flow, lower is the viscosity exhibited by it. The consistency of the liquids often helps to determine, quality, purity and quantity of a particular fluid. Different fluids exhibit different levels of viscosity. For example, water is a far less viscous liquid as compared to Mercury at room temperature.

Viscometer Water Bath by HMG India:

One of the most prestigious companies of India, HMG, is offering viscosity bath. HMG is one of the largest producers of Viscometer Water Bath. Their product has found various applications across various industries. Oil, lubricants, petrochemical are few of the several industries that are using this product for their smooth functioning. These water baths are fully insulated and have a double-layered design to improve the insulation that they offer. This insulated setup reduces the operational cost drastically. While the inner layer of insulation is lined with high grade stainless steel, the outer layer is epoxy powder coated. Such coating helps prevent the setup from developing rust and resisting scratches.

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Setup of a Viscometer Water Bath:
  • Viscometer has double walls with an inner chamber and an outer chamber.
  • There is insulation in between layers to prevent the loss of heat.
  • The inner chamber is made up of stainless steel
  • The outer chamber is coated with G.I. Powder. This coating is known to protect the apparatus from external scratches and rust.
  • Uniform temperature is maintained with the help of stirrer or by using circulatory pumps.
  • Special grade immersion heater is used to maintain a uniform supply of heat.
  • Glass window is yet another important aspect. The reinforced glass facilitates viewing.
  • There are 3 distinct capacities that are offered by HMG India- 6/9/12 as per the requirement of the customer.

  • Technical Characteristics:
  • Filled with refrigerants and not CFC, that is known to be harmful to the environment.
  • Thermal loss is minimal due to the presence of insulator in the middle of layers. Thermal isolation is effectively achieved as well.
  • There are monitors present that make the job of tracking and keeping temperature readings, easy for the user.
  • There is a microprocessor that controls temperature.
  • Visual alarm system is yet another effective feature that helps notify the user on attainment of the highest or the lowest temperatures set.
  • They offer a temperature range from 0 to 100 degree celcius.