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The groundbreaking innovations and technologies of HMG India has become one of the reasons why our company is serving more customers than ever before. The consistency along with the reliable amount of solutions when it comes to the lab equipments and machineries has made HMG India a legacy in the field of science and technology. The rapid advancement of the manufacturing capabilities of our company has made us a significant contributor in the Indian market.

The professionals who work at HMG India have also made their mark globally through their unique innovations. One of the significant products that is made by our company is the humidity oven/environmental chamber that is not only reliable in nature but also very accurate in its dimensions. The team of professionals at HMG India is highly trained in using the modern tools and equipments which lets us make the best products for our customers. There is no compromise when it comes to the quality of our products and you can definitely expect them to be top notch every single time.

The high amount of accuracy followed by our team of professionals lets us deliver the products in the dedicated time frame. The satisfaction of our customers is one of the most important things we look forward to while delivering our products. It is important that we cater to the needs of our valued customers by providing them with products at reasonable prices.

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Specifications Of Humidity Oven / Environmental Chamber

The built of the humidity oven conforms to the international standards and is therefore very much suitable under any kind of environmental condition and calibration. The construction of the humidity chamber includes double walls with an inner viewing glass that is full length. The inner part of the chamber consists of S.S.304/316* grade whereas the outer part of the chamber has a steel finish to it.

Our humidity chamber is sealed with an ISI marked compressor. We also have an air cooling condensation unit that is fitted with electrical accessories along with fan blade, motor, et cetera. The humidity of the machine is created with the aid of steam injection into the chamber.

Know About The Optimal Features
  • Complete steel units
  • Strip chart recorders for wet and dry bulbs
  • High amount of temperatures up to a range of 700C, other range of temperatures available on request.
  • PID controller with the Printer interface based off of micro controller.

  • Model Working Size Cap. Cft. Ltrs.
    HTC 3 a) 40 X 40 X 57 cms ( 3 Cft / 90 Ltrs )
    HTC 6 b) 50 X 50 X 70 cms ( 6 Cft / 175 Ltrs )
    HTC 10 c) 57 X 57 X 88 cms ( 10 Cft / 285 Ltrs )
    HTC 12 d) 60 X 60 X 95 cms ( 12 Cft / 90 Ltrs )
    HTC 16 e) 70 X 70 X 90 cms ( 16 Cft / 450 Ltrs )
    ( Bigger Size / Walk in Humidity Chamber on request. )
    Humidity Oven
    ( Above Ambient test )
    Environment Chamber
    ( * with cooling facility)
    Temp. Range Ambient + 50C to 600C 100C to 600C
    Humidity Range Ambient 90-95% RH/td> 40 to 95% RH
    Accuracy - Temp + 10C or better
    RH + 5% or better
    + 10C or better
    + 3% or better
    Type Order Code
    1) Strip Chart Recorder for Dry & Wet Bulb or Dry & %RH
    2) Higher Temperature Upto 700C ( RH ranges as Std )
    3) Complete S. Steel Unit / GMP Models.
    4) Any other sizes or other temperature range available on request. HTC_P
    5) Micro controller based PID Controller with Printer Interface (Centronic Port) compitable with EPSON / WIPRO
    6) Micro controller based PID Controller with RS-232 C PC Interface / RS-485 Interface for multiple networking of controller. HTC_PC
    7) mP Profile Controller for cyclic applications (Ramps & Soak) HTC_PRO
    Ask Details for Programmable / Cyclic Chamber / Stability Chamber. ( * Optional ) Due to continues R & D model / specifications may change. Picture shown with optional accessories.