Blood Bank Refrigerator

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HMG India is a reliable name in manufacturing and supplying all kinds of devices needed in medical laboratories. The blood bank is a vital place where numerous files of blood components need to be stored safely for future use. HMG has specialized in supplying the best storage equipment that can keep the blood in good condition, till needed for treatments of patients. Red blood cells (RBC), white blood cells (WBC), plasma, platelets, and some related reagents need to be stored in blood banks.

So HMG has introduced a uniquely designed blood bank refrigerator for storing all blood components safely. This refrigerator unit has many special features that are not available in ordinary refrigerators used for domestic purpose. As its main function is to preserve all the blood components for treating critical patients, the hygienic condition of its interior is strictly maintained.

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Technical specifications of HMG Blood Bank Refrigerator
  • The entire interior cavity of this refrigerator is made of high quality stainless steel so that the smooth surfaces of these steel walls can be cleaned easily
  • The compressor of this refrigerator is well sealed and placed in an air-tight compartment, to protect it from atmospheric humidity.
  • This refrigerating unit is mounted on the floor and its efficient cooling system consists of high quality condenser, expansion valve, evaporator, and related tubes. All these machines are built with the latest technology and best quality materials.
  • The functioning of the compressor and other cooling components of this refrigerator are controlled by a digital temperature regulator. This electronic thermostat is used for maintaining a uniform temperature for the longevity of blood products, which should be set at the initial stage of using this refrigerator.
  • An audio-visual alarm is attached with the thermostat so that the users are alerted immediately about any problem in the temperature control system. Thus, it is easier to keep an eye over the condition of stored materials due to this alarm system. This alarm also alerts if the refrigerator door remains open or in case of power failure.
  • The refrigerator has an auto defrost system, for melting off the extra frost in the ice chambers. It prevents the excess accumulation of frosts in the freezer, for maintaining the durability of the appliance.
  • The rectangular interior cavity is provided with many shelves and pullout drawers, where all the rare blood components are safely stored. The storage system is simplified by the presence of these trays with definite compartments to fit the blood bags.