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A clean room is an enclosed space that receives minimal to no microorganisms and particulate matter from the external environment. These rooms are critical for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, engineering, infectious disease testing, optics and biological research. Maximum sterility and cleanliness can only be ensured with the use of a professional graded clean room equipment. The equipment also controls several atmospheric conditions including moisture, temperature, air pressure and humidity.

Clean room equipments from the house of HMG India are known for their robust design, effective performance and incredible durability. Powered by High Efficiency Particulate Air (HPEA) filters, the device is capable of removing particles that are as small as 0.5 microns, while the Ultra Low Penetration Air (ULPA) filters remove particles sized 0.12 micros, offering efficiency of 99.97% and 99.997% respectively. When air enters the room, it gets drawn by the filter, creating positive pressure and ensuring maximum cleanliness.

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Manufacture and Design of Clean Room Equipment

What are the specifications?

  • S. Steel Exteriors with Flush Mount Hinges
  • Tempered Safety Glass For Maximum Visibility
  • Mechanical Interlock Backed by S. Steel Handles
  • Embedded with HPEA and ULPA Filters

  • How is the standard design?

  • The exteriors are made from cold rolled steel with a powder coated finish.
  • The interior wall are crafted from stainless steel, making the body smooth, non-porous and chemical resistant.
  • The inner section contains a sealant strip which guarantees 100% airproofing
  • The embedded door is fixed with an interlocking system to reduce the scope of cross pollution.

  • What are the optional accessories?
  • Biological safety cabinet (bio-hood) offers complete protection against low to moderate risks prevalent in the work environment.
  • Duct connected clean air feeding system supplies cool air to the hot air sterilizers for effective operations.
  • Reverse flow scavenging pre-filter removes aerosolised particles without dispersing them into the air.
  • Wide range of HPEA filters available from 150 to 2000 CFM (cubic foot per minute) for maximum results.
  • Cabinet kept under negative pressure with partial amount of re-circulated air though HPEA filter.
  • Powder dispersing booth designed to mix, weigh and dispense powder into the targeted area.
  • Complies with the specifications and guidelines of British Standard 5726 for Class-II Biological Safety / Cabinets

  • What are the optional accessories?
  • Mechanically Interlocked Glass Doors
  • Variable Wind Speed Control
  • Illumination by U.V Light