Vacuum Oven ( Rectangular / Round)

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Comfortable, energy-efficient and reliable- that is how the vacuum ovens manufactured by HMG India work! This laboratory equipment is designed to remove gas, moisture and volatile chemicals by drying delicate products consistently in a vacuum-sealed chamber. The chamber decreases pressure, as a result of which the boiling point of the product gets reduced, ensuring evaporation of unwanted substances from samples without burning them. Vacuum ovens are widely used across research labs for several applications such as reducing chemical reactions, atmospheric conditions, drying glassware and more.

A vacuum oven consists of two ports: a vacuum port (IP) and an inert gas (IG) port. The IP holds a needle valve connected to vacuum pump, while IG's valve is connected to a gas cylinder. A P.I.D. control based microprocessor is installed in the oven to calibrate the temperature within the inner vacuum sealed chamber. These devices are capable of drying samples six times faster than conventional units, making them an excellent tool in industries associated with electronics, medical equipment manufacturing, cosmetics, aerospace and organic chemistry.

Manufacture and Design of Vacuum Oven

What are the specifications?
  • Outer MS Powder Coated Finish or Stainless Steel (SS) Chamber
  • Inner Heavy Gauge SS Steel Argon Welded & Mirror Polished Body
  • High vacuum levels from 0 to 30/ 0 to 760mm Hg

  • How is the standard design?
  • The outer wall is coated with MS powder or S. Steel chamber for exceptional vacuum and temperature performance.
  • The inner wall contains S. Steel argon assuring low leakage rate and high reliability.
  • The working chamber is surrounded by glass wool insulation to prevent heat loss.
  • The door has a silicone molded gasket with toughened glass, offering incredible seal and optimal safety.
  • What are the optimal features?
  • Microprocessor PID controller used for controlling the temperature within the vacuum-sealed chamber.
  • High-quality, easy to clean and rust-resistant Stainless Steel for both exterior and interior housing
  • 3 Heat switch option for intuitive and user-friendly operation of the vacuum oven
  • In-built hydraulic thermostat preventing the temperature from exceeding the minimum value
  • Side-mounted control panel, all controls are positioned in a single location for convenient operation.
  • Temperature range upto 250°C/ 130°C, ambient + 50°C
  • What are the optional accessories?
  • Documentation and programming using interfaces
  • RS 232 with PC interface
  • Temperature chart recorder