Bacteriological Incubator

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Incubator is an important laboratory device that offers a contaminant-free, controlled and safe environment for cell and microbiological cultures. It works by regulating humidity, oxygen (O2) & carbon dioxide (CO2 ) percentage and temperature to create optimal condition for storage and growth of different bacterial cultures. We, here at HMG India, specialize in standard and customized Bacteriological Incubator, so as to meet the unique demands of professionals for specialized and individual researched application in engineering labs, clinical lab, QC, food processing, pharmaceutical lab, chemical lab and microbiological determination.

Our superior quality double-walled incubators effectively maintain temperature consistency and integrity of sample, ensuring accurate results every time! The incubators are equipped with innovative features including advanced sensors, modern convection technology, automatic temperature alarm and robust decontamination systems. Protection against over-temperature is ensured via safety thermostat, while the digital keypad can be used to calibrate temperature controller with reference to thermometer. For better use and constant support, the bacteriological incubators have 4 load bearing positions.

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Manufacture and Design of Bacteriological Incubator
What are the specifications?
  • STD Model Inner Chamber has Stainless Steel (SS 304)
  • STD Model Outer Section is coated with GI Powder
  • GMP Model Inner Chamber has Stainless Steel (SS 316)
  • GMP Model Outer Section comes with Matt Finish SS 304 Gr
  • How is the standard design?
  • The exteriors are constructed from SS and / or have Prime GI powder coated finish
  • The interiors are constructed from SS (SS 304 or SS 316) grade.
  • The outer double metallic door is 100% insulated and fitted to the model using standard set of hardware
  • Additional provision is also present for adjustable mesh and perforated trays.
  • What are the optimal features?
  • Microprocessor enabled with auto tune PID temperature controller for process value and set value to control temperature precisely.
  • Motorized air blower that blows the air from different sides to the working chamber.
  • High Quality SS Tubular mounted either on the backside or the sidewalls of the inner chamber for uniform heating.
  • Load flexibility ensured thanks to the built-in four castor wells, for equal distribution of weight.
  • Temperature range is 5oC for ambient to 60oC, with accuracy of +/- 0.5oC or better
  • What are the optional accessories?
  • P.I.D Controller with PC & Printer Interface
  • Safety Blind Controller
  • Documenting options

  • Inner Size (Inch) Watt Wire Tray Cap./ Ltrs Perfo. Tray Standard Complete SS
    c) 18 x 18 x 18 500 90 2
    d) 18 x 18 x 24 500 120 2
    f) 24 x 24 x 24 750 220 3
    g) 24 x 24 x 36 1000 325 3
    a) Safety Blind Controller
    b) P.I.D. Controller with Printer Interface
    c) P.I.D. Controller with PC Interface.