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From enabling simple drying procedures to the most complex heating applications, ovens are an invaluable component of forensic, research and clinical laboratories. To help you discover the best, HMG India- the one-stop destination for lab solutions features state-of-art laboratory oven ideal for baking, die-bond curing, annealing, sterilizing, drying and many more industrial lab applications. Available in different specifications, the oven can be customized to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Being the premier manufacturer of lab equipments, we take immense pride in our versatile range of ovens that are durable, cost-effective and most importantly easy to maintain. The outer body of our lab ovens are crafted using the finest grade of stainless steel (SS) combined with a dual powder coated finish for seamless functional support in every application. The device also holds SI in its inner chamber along with provision for perforated trays for consistent performance according to the industrial laboratory environment standards.

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Manufacture and Design of Laboratory Oven

What are the specifications?
  • Outer body of Stainless Steel (304 Gr)
  • Inner Prime SS 316 Grade
  • Metallic Double-Walled Door for Maximum Insulation & Durability
  • How is the design?
  • The laboratory oven comes in a double-walled design for achieving greater uniformity and rapid recovery
  • The exteriors are made up of stainless steel that are easy to clean and have a high resistance against corrosion
  • The metallic DW insulated doors are fitted to the oven using standard set of hardware.
  • The oven has provision for incorporating adjustable mesh or perforated trays
  • What are the optimal features?
  • Motorized air-blower ensures uniform heat distribution throughout the chamber, facilitating in dehydration and evaporation
  • Microprocessor based temperature controller that offers stability and ease of accurately maintaining the settings within temperature range of +/- 5°C to 60°C
  • Adequately insulated outer and inner gap using high-density thermal insulation.
  • Durable SS tubular heater fixed at the bottom to provide equal amount of heat across the chamber
  • Efficient heating elements engineered to function in low wattage density allowing the oven to work on black heat.
  • Memmeret and Precision laboratory oven also available that include heaters from all the sides
  • What are the optional accessories?
  • Proportional Integrative Derivative (P.I.D) Controller with Printer Interface
  • P.I.D Controller with PC Interface
  • Safety Blind Controller
  • Protocol Documents

  • Inner Size (Inch) Watt Wire Tray Cap./ Ltrs Perfo. Tray 200°C Higher Temp.300°C
    Std. cGMP Std. cGMP
    (a)12 x 12 x12 750 1 27 P.O.R
    (b)14x 14 x 14 1000 2 40 P.O.R
    (c)18 x 18 x18 1500 2 90 P.O.R
    (d)18x 18 x 24 1750 2 120 P.O.R
    (h)24x 24 x 24 2000 3 220 P.O.R
    (i) 24x 24 x 36 2500 3 325 P.O.R
    (a)12 x 12 x12 750 1 27 P.O.R
    (a)12 x 12 x12 750 1 27 P.O.R
    (a)12 x 12 x12 750 1 27 P.O.R
    a) Safety Blind Controller P.O.R
    b) P.I.D. Controller with Printer Interface P.O.R
    c) P.I.D. Controller with PC Interface. P.O.R
    e) Oven with Horizontal Flow & / or top motor P.O.R
    f) Precision Oven / Memmert Oven with all sides heaters P.O.R