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Laboratory autoclaves also known as steam sterilizers are meant for sterilizing samples at a high temperature range of 1000C to 1350C with the use of steam. Our professionally manufactured laboratory autoclave equipments are suitable for medical, life science and animal research applications. Select from standard vertical stainless steel (SS) construction to different sizes (horizontal autoclave available on request), programmable control options and many more only at HMG India.

Our autoclaves are designed to make lab sterilization easier, accurate, safe, validatable and reproducible. A laboratory autoclave- vertical can be used even in the most demanding process of sterilization such as sterilization of solids (glassware, instruments & pipettes), liquids (culture media and nutrients) and waste (sterilization of liquids in bottles, or wastes in a destruction bag).

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Manufacture and Design of Laboratory Autoclave

What are the specifications?

  • Complete S. Steel Body with Thick Gauge Dully Argon Welded Inner Chamber
  • Mirror Finished Outer Body
  • Thick Lid Coupled with Pressure Gauge, Safety Valve, Additional Safety Valve
  • Single Piece Molded Silicone Gasket Fitted to the Door

  • How is the standard design?

  • Stainless Steel body with a flexible quick-open door.
  • Based on advanced microprocessor digital temperature control system along with a built-in timer for accurate regulation.
  • Temperature range of 1000C to 1350C and pressure range of 15 PSI to 22 PSI
  • 100% Automatic operation for exhausting air, sterilization, increasing temperature, drying and water feeding.
  • Innovative pre-heating control along with 2 stainless steel baskets for sterilization
  • Heating elements are made from superior DSD wire to support refractory operation.
  • Alarm for indicating completion of the process and low water level in the autoclave
  • Over-pressure and over-temperature protection ensured by pressure gauge and safety valve
  • Complies with the highest international standards and directives for reliable and accurate results

  • What are the optional accessories?
  • Foot Pedal Lifting Arrangement
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Data Logger with PC Interface
  • Pressure Control Safety Switch