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HMG India's incubator portfolio provides an amazing range of incubators with years of expertise and innovation for optimal growth of cells by regulating the in vivo conditions and decreasing experimental variability. Orbital shaker incubator is a standard laboratory equipment preferred for research involving incubations, homogenizations, fermentations, biochemical and chemical reactions like cultivating the bacteria cultures along with tissue and enzyme studies.

Our orbital shaker incubators specialize in gentle mixing & vigorous shaking, while maintaining a consistent temperature of upto 700C. Enabled with direct-drive mechanism, the incubator supports platform motion for stable and reliable operation. All the units offered by HMG India utilize state-of-art microprocessor and deliver RS 232 interface for monitoring and controlling the operations of orbital shaker incubator via PC.

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Manufacture & Design of Orbital Shaker Incubator

What are the specifications?

  • S. Steel Platform to Hold 100ml, 150ml, 250ml, 500ml & 1000ml Conical Flasks
  • Horizontal Orbital Motion in Variable Speed of 50 to 250/400 RPM
  • Pressure Switch with Mechanical Timber

  • How is the standard design?

  • The outer wall is made from mild steel sheet and is powder coated for matt finish.
  • The inner chamber is made of stainless steel (SS) which has strong resistance against corrosion.
  • The shaking motion is orbital rotations per minute (RPM) and comes with multiple speed controls upto 400 RPM
  • The chamber holds a spring loaded stainless steel lotus clamp for holding conical flasks for varied sizes.

  • What are the optimal features?
  • Available in different designs to meet the challenging functional requirements of research laboratories.
  • Micro-controller based temperature control system backed by PID sensor for effective regulation.
  • Optimal distribution of heat throughout the interiors of the chamber by fan circulation
  • Exact and fast temperature settings for accurate reproducibility values, such as incubation time, shaking frequency and temperature.
  • In-built cooling coil facilities application below the ambient temperature of orbital shaker incubator
  • Robust and silent shaking mechanism, that begins with a gentle start-up to ensure the composition and integrity of samples is not affected.
  • Fluorescent light present in the inner chamber offers daylight stimulation
  • Frame is capable of accommodating 2 shaking trays at one time.

  • What are the optional accessories?
  • Illumination in the chamber powered by U.V. or tube light
  • Electronic timer
  • Cyclic timer in 0 to 24 hours cycle for stimulating illumination
  • Orbital shaker with Humidity Chamber