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Moisture refers to the water present in the air and other compounds. It is usually in gaseous state and hence cannot be easily perceived by the humans. Moisture, in industrial context can have both positive and negative impact. Moisture can be found and needs close attention in most of industries. From construction industries measuring the water content in the concrete to the moisture content in the waste that is to be disposed, moisture control is all pervasive. A minor imbalance in these levels can have dire outcomes. Hence, it is very important to keep the moisture levels favourable. Moisture content in any industrial process is highly regulated in order to avoid undesirable circumstances.

Effective regulation of presence of moisture is only achieved by continuous monitoring. HMG India presents the first of its kind Digital Moisture Meter (Dew Point).Versatile in nature, these instruments can be used to monitor moisture during various processes, whether industrial or otherwise. The range of moisture measured by our instrument varies from user to user. We have devices to measure extremely high moisture content and extremely low moisture content, as per the requirement of our customers. The moisture readings once recorded are stored in the device or on an external memory card in order to refer to them if required in the future. These Machines maybe handheld or may be fixed at some position to measure moisture. There are also machines that require no physical touch to me4asure moisture, while there are others that have a pin at the end to measure the moisture.

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Features of Dew Point:

Dew Point or Digital Moisture Meter presented by HMG India are known to return high quality and authentic readings. They have the essential features of a moisture meter and exhibit superior longevity when compared to other moisture meters present in the market, offered by other manufacturers. Some of the features worth noting are:

  • DISPLAY: Digital 0C.D.P. / PPM is one of the most sophisticated screens offered by any digital moisture meter available in the market.
  • SENSOR: The sensor used by HMG India is made out of aluminium and is like a needle. These are used in machines that need physical contact to measure moisture.
  • Power: The machine uses- 230V. AC, 115V, A.C. /or 6V, 1.5 A.H. battery with charger.
  • RANGE OFFERED: Ranges offered by HMG India are-
    a) -80°C - 20°C CD.P. (0.5-1000 PPM)
    b) -80°C - 0°C CD.P. (0.5-6000PPM)
    c) -50°C + 20°CD.P. (40-23000PPM)