Laminar Flow Bench

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Laminar flow benches from the house of HMG India creates Class 100 particle-free, clean working environment as per US Federal Standard 209 E by passing air at a high speed through filters and then exhausting it across the surface in a uni-directional or laminar air stream. Our series of highly efficient laminar benches are capable of securing precious equipments and sensitive contents of the workplace from unwanted contamination. They are ideal for applications that demand a non-hazardous environment such as pharmaceutical production, bioscience, aerospace, manufacturing facilities, hospitals and medical research laboratories.

The precise air flow found in our laminar flow bench is facilitated by High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter / Pre filter. This filter eliminates particle sized as less as 5 microns, offering 95% efficiency with an average air velocity of 0.3m/s ~ 0.5m/s. Robust work surface of the bench, combined with ultra-smooth air flow leads to a preferable setting needed for laboratory inspection, procedures and associated testing.

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Manufacture & Design of Laminar Flow Bench

What are the specifications?

  • White Laminate/ S. Steel Exteriors for Premium Finish
  • S. Steel / Wood Laminated / Full S. Steel Work Station
  • No Dust Anti-Bacterial Powder Coating

  • How is the standard design?

    The outer surface material can be customized to meet the specific research requirements. Available options include stainless steel (SS) / white laminate.

  • The interior wall panels are available in application-specific materials including stainless steel (SS), PVC and polycarbonate.
  • The table top surface is made from stain finish stainless steel (optional) for a cleaner work environment.

  • What are the optimal features?

  • Control system based on advanced microprocessor to monitor, regulate the temperature efficiently.
  • Easy to use control panel equipped at the front side of the laminar flow bench with simple On/Off switch.
  • Class 100 air cleanliness is achieved thanks to the highest quality 95% efficient HPEA / Pre filters coupled with anodized diffuser & baffling plates for uniform air speed across the workstation.
  • Smooth, low wisher operations, having noise level as less as 60 to 65 dB
  • Ambient illumination present in the side and back panels, providing users a clear view of the samples.
  • Real-wall pass through ports designed for routing various instrument cables, leads and cords

  • What are the optional accessories?

  • U.V Light, short wave - 254nm
  • Electronic Switch Panel
  • Satin Finish Stainless Steel Table Top & Working Top
  • Magnetic Pressure Gauge having Calibration Certificate
  • Front PVC Strip Curtain/ Acrylic Door
  • Castor Wheels for Portability
  • Gas Coke / Vacuum

  • Horizontal Laminar Flow
    Model Size
    HHL 2 2 ft. X 2 ft.
    HHL 3 3 ft. X 2 ft.
    HHL 4 4 ft. X 2 ft.
    Vertical Laminar Flow
    Model Size
    HHL 2 2 ft. X 2 ft.
    HHL 3 3 ft. X 2 ft.
    HHL 4 4 ft. X 2 ft.
    1) Electronic Switch Panel.
    2) Magnetic Pressure Gauge with calibration certificate (i/o manometer)
    3) UV light (short wave-254 nm)
    4) Front Acrylic door / PVC Strip Curtain.
    5) Satin finish S.S. working table top.
    6) Castor Wheel for easy Movability
    7) Vacuum / Gas coke.
    8) Satin finish S. Steel Table Top.
    9) Castors.
    Due to continues R & D model & specifications may change. Picture shown with Optional accessories.