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HMG India is a manufacturing company that produces all types of laboratory equipment and electrical appliances needed for laboratory works. The experienced professionals of this company create the most unique design for each of these products. Many chemical and biological ingredients need to be stored in the laboratories, which can be damaged in room temperature. Moreover, the laboratories of food industry need to store all their delicate food products in chilling temperature.

Thus, HMG India has manufactured high-quality deep freezer, which is a useful appliance for storing perishable materials safely at very low temperatures. The outer body and inner mechanism of this appliance are manufactured with the help of latest technology. The inner design of this unit is similar to a chest and the freezer door is internally made of acrylic fibers, to retain the interior coolness of the freezer. It should be placed in an air-conditioned room and the use of an Automatic Voltage Stabilizer is recommended for better longevity of this appliance.

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Specific characteristics found in an HMG deep freezer
  • Inner walls made of stainless steel while the outer wall coated with a layer of galvanized steel.
  • This freezer unit is available in both horizontal and vertical alignments.
  • Freezer door is internally protected with acrylic coating, for preventing the loss of coolness from freeze interior.
  • The interior temperature of freezer unit normally ranges between -200 and -350 degrees C. However, the temperature can be low up to -700 degrees C if needed.
  • Cascade Refrigeration System is used in this ultra low freezer, due to the use of a special low-temperature refrigerant, apart from the normal refrigerant.
  • Interior temperature can be controlled by a thermostat and a micro digital temperature controller cum indicator.
  • Provided with a chart recorder of the %age of Relative Humidity for the Dry and Wet Bulb inside the freezer.

  • Model Working Size Cap. Cft. Ltrs.
    HTC 3 a) 40 X 40 X 57 cms ( 3 Cft / 90 Ltrs )
    HTC 6 b) 50 X 50 X 70 cms ( 6 Cft / 175 Ltrs )
    HTC 10 c) 57 X 57 X 88 cms ( 10 Cft / 285 Ltrs )
    HTC 12 d) 60 X 60 X 95 cms ( 12 Cft / 90 Ltrs )
    HTC 16 e) 70 X 70 X 90 cms ( 16 Cft / 450 Ltrs )
    ( Bigger Size / Walk in Humidity Chamber on request. )
    Humidity Oven
    ( Above Ambient test )
    Environment Chamber
    ( * with cooling facility)
    Temp. Range Ambient + 50C to 600C 100C to 600C
    Humidity Range Ambient 90-95% RH/td> 40 to 95% RH
    Accuracy - Temp + 10C or better
    RH + 5% or better
    + 10C or better
    + 3% or better
    Type Order Code
    1) Strip Chart Recorder for Dry & Wet Bulb or Dry & %RH
    2) Higher Temperature Upto 700C ( RH ranges as Std )
    3) Complete S. Steel Unit / GMP Models.
    4) Any other sizes or other temperature range available on request. HTC_P
    5) Micro controller based PID Controller with Printer Interface (Centronic Port) compitable with EPSON / WIPRO
    6) Micro controller based PID Controller with RS-232 C PC Interface / RS-485 Interface for multiple networking of controller. HTC_PC
    7) mP Profile Controller for cyclic applications (Ramps & Soak) HTC_PRO
    Ask Details for Programmable / Cyclic Chamber / Stability Chamber. ( * Optional ) Due to continues R & D model / specifications may change. Picture shown with optional accessories.