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Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) incubators are popular low temperature incubators suitable for growing yeast and mold. They are designed to maintain a minimum temperature of 200C, which is essential for BOD determination. BOD tests are used to determine relative oxygen (O2) requirement of microorganisms in effluents, polluted water and wastewaters. HMG India's potent BOD incubator offers controlled conditions for storage of vaccines, sensitive cell cultures, seed germination, serum incubation and culture of bacteria.

In recent times, strict enforcement of environmental measures by regulatory agencies has forced several agencies to test and treat the wastewater, and this can be simplified with our exceptional range of BOD incubators. Apart from wastewater management, industries such as research laboratories, pharmaceuticals, beverages and agriculture can also benefit from the use of BOD incubator.

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Manufacture and Design of BOD Incubator

What are the specifications?

  • Inner Stainless Steel (SS) Chamber
  • Outer CRCA/ GI Epoxy Coat Finish
  • 3inch Thick Glass Wool Insulation

  • How is the standard design?

  • The outer core is made from CRCA / GI and coated with EPOXY powder for seamless finish
  • The inner chamber is made from 100% highest grade S. Steel
  • The doors of the inner chamber are created from tempered glass to reduce contamination and eliminate crevices
  • High grade PUF insulation in situ form to achieve stable temperature

  • What are the features?
  • Full-view plexi-glass inner door to inspect and monitor the specimens present in the inner chamber without disturbing process temperature.
  • Forced air circulation (FAC) by coaxial blower, that maintains preferable temperature, homogeneity and uniformity
  • Microcontroller cum indicator with PID based system for accurate calibration of temperature to required settings.
  • Illumination lamp equipped in the chamber for better visibility
  • Portability of BOD incubator made easy, thanks to the mounted castor wheel
  • High Pressure in-place insulation between the inner chamber and the outer wall for minimal loss of heat.
  • Temperature range of 60°C and the ambient temp is +50°C
  • ISI marked hermetically sealed compressor coupled with motor, fan blade and electrical accessories for rapid cooling.
  • Finned SS Tubular heaters that facilities in uniform distribution of heat around the inner chamber.

  • What are the optional accessories?
  • Stainless Steel (SS) removable trays
  • Safety Thermostat
  • Strip Chart Recorder
  • Chamber illumination powered by U.V. or white florescent lights
  • 0 to 24 hours cyclic time for regulating illumination in chamber

  • Technical Data
    Models Capacity CFT Volume LTR. Approx. Inner
    W X D X H (cm)
    No.of Shelves Temp. Range Temp. Accuracy
    HCI 3 3 90 40 X 40 X 57 2 50C to 600C + 0.50C
    HCI 6 6 175 50 X 50 X 70 2 50C to 600C + 0.50C
    HCI 10 10 285 57 X 57 X 88 3 50C to 600C + 0.50C
    HCI 12 12 340 60 X 60 x 95 3 50C to 600C + 0.50C
    HCI 16 16 450 70 X 70 X 70 3/5 50C to 600C + 0.50C
    Customized size on request.Higher Capacity upto 3000 Ltr. Offered as Stand alone System

    Supply 230V + / - 10%, Single Phase, 50Hz, AC.
    Optional Accessories

    a) Strip Chart Recorder.

    b) Chamber illumination with white flourscent or U.V. Lights.

    c) 0 to 24 hrs. Cyclic time for regulating illumination conditions.

    Note : Guarantee ceased incase of non use of suitable servo stabilizer & to be stored in A.C. room.
    Due to continues R & D model / specifications may change.( * Optional )