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Furnaces are an indispensable part of most industries. It is here that most of processes take place. Most of the chemical reactions are carried out in here in order to maintain the high temperatures that are often important for these reactions to take place. There are however several kinds of furnaces.

HMG India presents to you Muffled furnaces. These furnaces have redefined the furnaces human kind used to know. The most striking feature exhibited by these furnaces is the separation that is created by them in respect to the heat source, product to be heated and the fuel to carry out the heating. In the modern electrical furnaces, heat is applied to the chamber though a coil that is heated as electricity passes through it. The chamber in which the coil is heated, is highly insulated. The insulated chamber acts as a muffle. Due to its insulating nature, heat loss is averted. A well-built Muffle Furnace helps attain high temperatures with great accuracy and uniformity while having preserved the furnace environment.

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Why buy from HMG India?

HMG India is one of the most reputed manufacturers of Furnace Muffle. They have several key features that make them the nest option when it comes to buying muffled furnace. Our high-quality resistance wires fitted in metal cabinets that are in turn insulated with Cerwool Insulation, are state of the art. The outer cabinet is painted using heat resistant chemicals that specialise in handling high temperatures as the one exhibited by the furnace. The unit also comes with a pre-fitted circuit. This circuit melts and disrupts the flow of electricity and hence heat if the heat reaches levels that are deemed dangerous. This apparatus helps avoid any unfortunate accidents that may occur due to excessive heat. Sunvic Energy Regulator is also fitted to provide the operator with accurate and precise controls.

Features of HMG India’s Muffle Furnace:
  • Temperature: 930°C / 1150°C (1200°C) Unit Works on 230 volts AC with a single phase.
  • Temperature Control aspects: Digital Time or Pyrometer Proportional Controller are used by HMG India in their Muffle Furnaces
  • Spare Muffle: Spare muffle wounded with heating elements and embedded with heat resistance ceramic fibre wool insulation with extra-long terminal for easy wiring.
  • Power Consumed: The furnace uses 230 V plus 50 Hz. And there is AC Mains.

  • Blind temperature controller that has a suitable sensor
  • Electronic temperature controller and indicator
  • Digital Timer with its highest limit at 999 minutes
  • Solid State Fuse

  • Temp. Range 930°C 1200°C (1150°C working)
    9 x 4 x 4” 1600 2000
    10 x 5 x 5” 2000 2500
    12 x 6 x 6” 3000 3500
    18 x 9 x 9” 6000 6500
    A) Blind Temp. Controller with suitable sensor
    B) Electronic Temp. Controller cum indicator
    C) Solid State Fuse
    D) Digital Timer – 999 Minutes
    E) On site Validation Extra POR

    Spare muffle wounded with heating elements and embedded with heat resistance ceramic fiber wool insulation with extra long terminal for easy wiring.

    Temp. Range Rating 930°C Rating 1200°C (1150°C working)
    9” x 4” x 4” 1600 2000
    10” x 5” x 5” 2000 2500
    12” x 6” x6” 3000 3500
    18” x 9” x 9” 6000 6500

    Equipment shall be supplied with following documents
    a) Calibration Certificate for controller.
    b) Material Test Certificate.
    c) Calibration certificate of Sensor.
    d) Operation manual of Oven.
    e) Operational manual of controller.