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BOD / Bio Chemical Oxygen Demand Incubator BOD / Bio Chemical Oxygen Demand Incubator

HMG® Equipment designed primarily to meet requirements of Bio Chemical Oxygen Demand test.  Equipment are suitable for closed control of incubation / storage temperature.

B.O.D. Tests, storage of sensitive cultures, vaccines, culture of bacteira, microorganism, serum incubation, seed germination etc....


Inner S. Steel, outer CRCA / GI EPOXY Powder coat finish.  CFC Free PUF in-situ form / glasswool insulation of about 3 Inch thick to prevent temperature loss.  Full length inner plexi-glass door for viewing sample.  Chamber with illumination.  Castor wheel for easy movability.

Cooling-CFC* free Refrigeration
By Hermetically sealed Brand New ISI Marked Compressor coupled with air cooled condensing unit fitted with Motor, Fan Blade, Electrical Accessories etc... Mounted on bottom of unit on heavy base frame.

By S. Steel Tubular heater with fins.

Control Panel
Consisting of self illuminated mains ON / OFF Switch, Indicating Lamps, Electronics Digital Temp. Controller-cum-indicator and fuse.


Various types of Temperature Controls offered.

>  Standard Model-Time proportional ON / OFF 
    Controller cum Indicator.
Order Code
>  Micro controller based PID controller cum Indicator HCI_M
>  mp Controller with Printer Interface as * optional HCI_MP
>  mp Controller Interface through RS 232 C / RS 485 for multiple networking. HCI_MPC

Features (Optional for GMP / ICH model)
ICH Guide Lines followed.
S.S. removable trays.
Safety thermostat to prevent over shoot.  Individual HRC fuses for all controls.

Bacterilogical Incubator are non refrigerated version for temperature range of ambient + 50C to 600C

Technical Data

Models Capacity
Approx. Inner
W X D X H (cm)
No. of
HCl 3 3 90 40 X 40 X 57 2 50C to 600C + 0.50C
HCl 6 6 175 50 X 50 X 70 2 50C to 600C + 0.50C
HCl 10 10 285 57 X 57 X 88 3 50C to 600C + 0.50C
HCl 12 12 340 60 X 60 X 95 3 50C to 600C + 0.50C
HCl 16 16 450 70 X 70 X 90 3 / 5 50C to 600C + 0.50C
Customized size on request.Higher Capacity upto 3000 Ltr. Offered as Stand alone System

Supply 230V + / - 10%, Single Phase, 50Hz, AC.
Optional Accessories
a)  Strip Chart Recorder.
b)  Chamber illumination with white flourscent or U.V. Lights.
c)  0 to 24 hrs. Cyclic time for regulating illumination conditions.
Note : Guarantee ceased incase of non use of suitable servo stabilizer & to be stored in A.C. room.
Due to continues R & D model / specifications may change.
( * Optional )